When I look back at the past year, I feel gratitude for so many things🙏 . I’m gonna share mine, will you share yours?

Here I go


I’m grateful for the little and big things that happened to me to help me grow to whom I really am. That I’m worth to love myself. That it is OK to be authentic 😄

I’m grateful for a special friend I’ve met and all the magic moments that we have experienced and can experience 😇

I’m grateful for the success that ‘Zomers Verbindingsfeest’ has been. It gave me joy and satisfaction to see how people connect and can let love flow …💕

I’m grateful for my good friend & colleague who is always there to listen to my chit chat during hours almost everyday, and I’m grateful that I can be there for her ❤

I’m grateful for having a dearest friend that sees through me just by looking at me. Someone who never judges and loves me for who I am 😘

I’m grateful for all my beloved friends that are there when I need them. Friends that dance with me, take me out or call me when I feel lonesome and so much more…💋

I’m grateful for my clients that found their way to me @ De Wilde Roos, and that I’ve helped to find their own path in this incredible divine world 🌹

I’m grateful to have such wonderful kids that I love so deeply and unconditionally and for having a warm loving family 👨👩👧👦 

I’m grateful that I believe in Magic ⭐

I’m grateful for what I’ve become 🔥 

I’m grateful for every breath I take, every beat of my heart and my desire to continuously learn how I can grow myself & others by working together in collaboration with the Universe💜💫

Now, your turn.


Be loved & blessed


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